CMS (candidate for masterof sports ) World Kettlebell Bronze Medalist
CMS (candidate for masterof sports ) World Kettlebell Bronze Medalist
An Advanced certified personal Trainer for General and Special Population ( people with medical issues ), Certified sports nutritionist and an online fitness consultant.
Spine & Sports Physiotherapy
Registered Dietician & Fitness Athelete

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Krunch Today, the nation's leading muscle, fitness & healthy lifestyle magazine, with a big focus on workouts and nutrition, was launched in March’2013.

A monthly publication, Krunch Today focuses on muscle & fitness as the core content, and includes everything from working out right, eating right and living it big; albeit with a fresh outlook on changing lifestyles and nutrition choices.

About Krunch Today

Krunch Today was launched back in March’13, and is about people living fitness-rich lives.

Having grown rapidly in popularity, Krunch Today has now become a well-recognized leading magazine in the muscle, fitness & healthy lifestyle genre.

Krunch Today inspires people with workout guides, health and nutrition advice, and beauty & style tips to achieve a balance of mind, body & spirit.

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It's Raining Fitness
July is named after the famous Roman general Julius Cæsar, it being the month of his birth. Talking of birth, it’s time to give birth to your own fitness goals. And, if you haven’t achieved the old ones yet, do remember we’re already halfway through the year. Yes.
Talking about goals, no excuses are going to work as we’ve already listed in this edition the most likely excuses people make; so you can rise above them and get yourself moving, even during the monsoons. And if you’re worried about missing your workout because of the heavy rains, we’ve got your back as Rajani Patil helps you to set up your home gym. Win-Win!!



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