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Krunch Today, the nation's leading muscle, fitness & healthy lifestyle magazine, with a big focus on workouts and nutrition, was launched in March�2013.

A monthly publication, Krunch Today focuses on muscle & fitness as the core content, and includes everything from working out right, eating right and living it big; albeit with a fresh outlook on changing lifestyles and nutrition choices.

About Krunch Today

Krunch Today was launched back in March�13, and is about people living fitness-rich lives.

Having grown rapidly in popularity, Krunch Today has now become a well-recognized leading magazine in the muscle, fitness & healthy lifestyle genre.

Krunch Today inspires people with workout guides, health and nutrition advice, and beauty & style tips to achieve a balance of mind, body & spirit.

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Motivating July
It�s July the month of frequent downpours of rain, drenching the countryside and turning it into a lush green carpet. It is quite a motivating time in India, especially after the searing hot summers.

�Searing Hot� and �Motivating� incidentally are the two words that immediately spring to mind with our July cover-girl Shweta Rathore.

Shweta has expended much sweat and blood on carving out a body that has won her an enviable number of medals,



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