Registered Dietician & Fitness Athelete
An Advanced certified personal Trainer for General and Special Population ( people with medical issues ), Certified sports nutritionist and an online fitness consultant.
Certified International Fitness Coach, educationist and online Fitness Consultant
Directo and Comp Prep Coach Boss Comp Preps
CMS (candidate for masterof sports ) World Kettlebell Bronze Medalist
Spine & Sports Physiotherapy
Health & Weight Loss Coach Since 1990 Brand Ambassador for Devotie a high fashion and very exclusive designer store for men.

About Us

Krunch Today, the nation's leading muscle, fitness & healthy lifestyle magazine, with a big focus on workouts and nutrition, was launched in March�2013.

A monthly publication, Krunch Today focuses on muscle & fitness as the core content, and includes everything from working out right, eating right and living it big; albeit with a fresh outlook on changing lifestyles and nutrition choices.

About Krunch Today

Krunch Today was launched back in March�13, and is about people living fitness-rich lives.

Having grown rapidly in popularity, Krunch Today has now become a well-recognized leading magazine in the muscle, fitness & healthy lifestyle genre.

Krunch Today inspires people with workout guides, health and nutrition advice, and beauty & style tips to achieve a balance of mind, body & spirit.

Editor's Desk

Right Here
Looking for a chiseled back, a better booty, and about what wonders Pine Nuts can do for you? Friend, you�ve picked up the right mag.

In this issue you will be met by straight advice on getting a chiseled back by our regular columnist, Aminder Singh, and working out for a better booty and all about the wonders of Pine Nuts by the Krunch Today team.

Our December Cover-Queen is Shweta Mehta, who�s brilliantly worked her way up the ladder to reign in the bodybuilding & fitness space. Her story is one of gallons of sweat and the relentless pursuit of her goals. �Charged� is the word that repeatedly comes to my mind. Read all about her in this issue.



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