October, 2018
The Master Responds


This month will put you in the tendency of putting yourself at ease and work towards life in your own comfort cocoon. Avoid being too aggressive during arguments. It can take an ugly turn and spoil the peaceful environment of your home. Your health may want you to take heed of it. Take measures if required.


Your career life seems to have been unstable all this while but things are slowly changing in your favor. You will have plenty of time to kick-start your career or get collaborated with any previous plans that were tentative. It will prove to be beneficial if situation is handled with good care. A little efforts, will take you a long way.


This month could be a month of drudgery, boredom and health issues which can get you mentally exhausted. You may be impatient to take a much require break but a little patience is required. There will be opportunities to have your required breathing space. Until then, give work its importance.

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician and Fitness Athlete

A lipid profile is a blood test that measures the amount of cholesterol and fats called triglycerides in the blood. Cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood can clot or form a plaque in the arteries, which may in turn lead to development of heart disease.

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Aminder Singh Certified International Fitness Coach

Every individual on our planet Earth has some mass; of course, gravity plays a key role here. A human's mass varies depending upon his life stage.

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Parag Mhetre CMS (candidate for master of sport) World Kettlebell Bronze Medalist Completed taking 200 Kettlebell workshops – PAN India

Kettlebells are now gaining popularity on a faster pace as many gyms & coaches across India are opting to introduce Kettlebells to their clients, sports athletes, or even to special population members.

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