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Kamal Chadha

December, 2018
The Master Responds

December brings the year to a close but not before delivering a huge dose of buoyancy and cheer. With Krunch Today the year-end issue has gone one massive level higher than any previous year. We are overwhelmed with the joy of having as our cover-star a man who warrants no introduction. He is 'Prem' for the ladies and 'Bhaijaan' to the rest of the country. He is none other than that super hunk of Indian cinema,'Salmaaaaaaaaan Khaaaaan'.

Yes, the Salman who sends the ladies in to a tizzy, and men in to a serious bout of envy.

But Salman being the great lover of fitness who is also the very first Bollywood hero to focus on building a genuinely ripped body, he has now proverbially put his money where his mouth is .The cover story is about the super fit star’s collaboration with one of the largest gym equipment brands of the country, Jerai Fitness Pvt. Ltd.

In other pages here catch an exclusive interview with Anushka Arora who is a multi-skilled journalist and shares her love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

KT has also featured the budding tennis player of India, Vishwajeet Sangle, who at the age of 21 has brought International glory to India. Get inspired as he shares his views on the popularity of Tennis in India and his love for staying in the top form of fitness.

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