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Kamal Chadha

February, 2019
The Master Responds

The start to the year has been great and February has brought in several futuristic endeavors at KT.

We are so pleased to welcome Shweta Rathore on the Editorial board of Krunch Today. Shweta is a fitness icon who will be illuminating one of our columns by sharing her expertise on a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.

This month the cover is graced by the uber-master who lives and breathes fitness, 'Kris Gethin'. When it comes to fitness, he needs no introduction at all. Author of six books on the subject, Kris has been inspiring millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world. In an exclusive with KT, he talks about his future plans and his fitness mantras.

In this edition we have explained everything you should know about Collagen; that it is the most plentiful protein present in the body and makes up more than one-third of your total protein. It builds, and maintains your teeth, bones, muscles, skin, connective tissues and ligaments.

Shwetha Bhatia, our senior columnist has shared her insights about Insulin Response and the Food Insulin Index. Explaining the nutrients and their role in insulin secretion, she has covered every minute detail for you.

Flip across to read what Harmeet Luthra, founder of Rhino's Gym, has to say about his new venture that defines strong and passionately fit people, and highlights the latest fitness trends.

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