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Kamal Chadha

October, 2018
The Master Responds

Our cover this month features the strong, passionate, and dynamic Sonu Sood, who shares his love for fitness and gives an insight to his fitness journey. He is the perfect role model for people who love to be ripped fit. Flip the pages to get some inspiration from the man who lives for fitness and beyond.

Parag Mhetre, a Kettlebells correspondent of many months, nay years, gives us his knowledge on how to use kettlebells efficiently and get maximal benefits from it. Through his article and a pictorial depiction of technical strategies we are given detailed information about gaining endurance and strength from the usage of kettlebells.

To all the weight lifters who want an expert's view to attain the knockout lower body, read the column by Rachit Dua, a certified personal trainer and fitness consultant, as he rings in a meaningful debate between the benefits of squats and deadlifts.

For all those who underestimate weight training, we present to you: Aminder Singh, who is an international fitness coach. In this issue he shares in-depth information on the importance of weight training with relevant and crystal-clear examples.

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