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October, 2018
The Master Responds

Try some truly organic food in Sri Lanka

Known for its aesthetics and hospitality, 'Cinnamon Lodge Habarana' is an eco-friendly resort which is spread across 27 acres of lush woodland gardens and forests. To expand its horizons, it has introduced a novel culinary experience which is both organic and authentically Sri Lankan. Based in resort's quaint and traditional mud hut, the new organic dining experience has been specially curated for local and international guests. It allows you to observe a wide range of traditional cooking techniques, sample a delicious array of Sri Lankan dishes & flavors and also learn more about the local farming techniques. Equipped with its own organic farm, Cinnamon Lodge Habarana is the only hotel in the locality to curate and host a fully-fledged farm-to-table dining experience.

A hands-on experience: Guests embarking on the culinary journey can opt to visit the resort's on-site organic farm beforehand, where they can browse through and pick their own fresh produce, from mouthwatering tropical fruits to homegrown vegetables that are endemic to the region. During the paddy harvesting season, guests can also enjoy observing, learning, and trying out a range of paddy field activities such as reaping, stacking, and threshing.

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician and Fitness Athlete

A lipid profile is a blood test that measures the amount of cholesterol and fats called triglycerides in the blood. Cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood can clot or form a plaque in the arteries, which may in turn lead to development of heart disease.

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Aminder Singh Certified International Fitness Coach

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Parag Mhetre CMS (candidate for master of sport) World Kettlebell Bronze Medalist Completed taking 200 Kettlebell workshops – PAN India

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