History of Bodybuilding

Prem Singh

February, 2017
The Master Responds

Pehlwani originated in India in the Mughal Era. It was a blend of South Asian combat wrestling and Iranian wrestling. Many legendary pehlwans blossomed on Indian soil.

A hungry Prem Singh was once told by his mum that there’d be no meal as she’d run out of firewood. He uprooted a kikar tree to light the kitchen fire, and went on to be known as Kikar Singh from that day onwards. This 1857 born, 7 foot tall strongman, was revered as an incarnation of Bhairav - a ferocious form of Shiva.

The ‘Great’ Gama was born in a renowned wrestling family in 1878 in Amritsar. He could with ease do 3,000 pushups and 5,000 squats. He thrived on a daily diet of a pound and a half of crushed almonds in 10 litres of milk, along with fruit juice and 6 chickens. This high protein diet built his impressive muscle mass. In 1902, he awed everyone by lifting a 1200 kg stone. He challenged international pehlwans and defeated many. Martial art expert and actor Bruce Lee was greatly inspired by Gama’s strength building techniques.

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Aminder Singh Certified International Fitness Coach

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Nikhil Ashtawale Director. IFSI

Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic substances termed "Micronutrients", and are found within the earth’s crust. They make their way to the surface where they are absorbed by the plants and they enter the food chain through agricultural produce and animals that consume these plants.

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Shwetha Bhatia Registered Dietician & Fitness Athlete

What is the difference between Celiac Disease, Wheat Allergy and Gluten Intolerance?

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